The KottonMouth Kings street team is a group of fans, from all around, that are devoted to spreading the word of the KmK.They go around to where ever they think potential KottonMouth fans may be, concerts, schools, malls, music stores and so on, and they hand out flyers, free stickers, cd samplers, all just to spread the KmK word. Some like me create web sites.

If you've liked what you've seen and heard here at KmK 420, and want to join the street team Click Here for more info.

If your a member of the Street Team, send me the name of your area, and name, or tag name, whatever, you want and I'll post it up!

So Far I'm the only member of the KmK Street Team in my area, but that won't be for long...

Name/Tag Area Krown
Broken Krown
(webmaster of KmK 420)
Ny, Long Island,
Single Krown